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A Sample Translation

A sample story from my translation of Julio's Around the Day in Eighty Worlds. Julio reviewed and approved a few stories from the book but died before it was published. He considered the French edition more definitive than the Spanish one.

I have a couple of unpublished pictures and some more writing, etc. that I will post soon. Meanwhile, here's a drawing and a quote (thumbnail at right).

More Translatiions of Julio Cortazar:

For a comparison of three different translators' takes on Cortazar's prose, see my New World/New Words, forthcoming in the fall of 2006 from the Center for Art in Translation.

julio cortazar
Julio in 1976, photo copyright Anne de Brunhoff

LINKS: My Julio Cortazar links have moved to del.icio.us. There you will find links to more Cortazar photos, an interview with Evelyn Picon Garfield, and English translations of Axolotl, Continuity of Parks, Fafner the Dragon, and more.




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